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Visiting Bonsai Garden

Excited with the first Bonsai Kingdom in Suanphung, one of the largest Bonsai garden in Thailand designed by Mr. Saroch Sopanangkul, a well-known architect and landscape designer. Pleasingly enjoy thousands of Thai Bonsai and international bonsai imported from China, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, and so on, some of which are more than 100 years old.

Chinese Garden

Japanese Garden

Attraction fee for non-hotel guests : 100 Baht/Person

Restaurant and Breakfast

Elated with palatable breakfast in the exquisitely-decorated restaurant at the Suanphung Bonsai Village’s restaurant which serves nice breakfast to the hotel guests. Enjoying palatable breakfast while exploring fascinating scenery of the beautiful bonsai garden through transparent large windows is an impressive moment.


Sipping a cup of coffee and admiring the scenery of Bonsai garden in the heart of Suanphung at a chic café in the Japanese garden. Nice Fresh coffee and variety of beverages are available to be served in the midst of Bonsai garden.

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Meetings and Events

For any organisations looking for a venue for conferences or seminars, Suanphung Bonsai Village is the ideal venue for meetings, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, or social events. A convenient and well- equipped room is available for the maximum of 60 persons.